Each morning.

  • Log in. 

  • Check your Next Steps  

  • If you have Account Category Exceptions, follow the links to resolve. 

  • If you have Pending Reminders, follow the links to resolve

  • Check where you are to your budgets

  • If you need prospects, check out the NEW / RETURNING / NON RETURNING Report, or look down your Home page to TOP 10 rankers, and non-returning and/or attrition. That will give you some accounts which were on the following month last year but not on or on for less this coming next month, or are spending less this year compared to last year.

End of the day.

  • Add new accounts you are calling on. Be sure to add email addresses if you have contacts.

  • Create pendings for new accounts and/or renewals from your Account List

  • Don’t forget to put your next step on your pendings and update the confidence, move through the sales funnel and update your dollars if needed! 

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