To save your Efficio login and password on your iPhone or Ipad:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Passwords & Accounts 
  3. Make sure Auto Fill Passwords is set to On
  4. Click on Website & App Passwords 
  5.  Here click on the + at the top right and enter your Efficio Information
  6.  Click Done 
  7. Next time you try to login through your App , once it gets to the login screen click in the Login field as if you are going to manually enter your login details 
  8. You will see the passwords prompt come up , based on your settings you may need to use TouchID to allow it, but it will then prompt to autofill the login and password you saved

Please be aware that saving your login and password information may have some risks and we do not recommend it. However, you may choose to follow the steps above to save your information  at your own discretion.  

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