We understand that you are busy, thats why we are in the process of making activity and pending easier to manage. This most recent change to how activity and pending are related will help reduce duplicate activities.

The simple version

Previously in Efficio, if you had two pieces of pending for an account that you discussed with the client you would need to create and link an activity for each piece of pending. Now when creating, syncing or importing activites in Efficio, any activity linked to an account will update the all the pending you have for that account.

A few more details

This change applies to all team members in Efficio. If a manager adds an activity to an account on your list that will update all the pending for that account. If your team is using shared accounts, anyone you share your account with that adds an activity will update all the pending for that account. 

With this change, we are able to simplify the process of connecting activity to the correct pending. For example within the Add Activity popup, you no longer have to make a pending selection.

When looking at pending activity dates throughout Efficio it will now reflect the latest activity date for the account, not the pending. This is because all activity for the account update the pending for that account. For example on the Pendings List page the activity date reflects the latest activity on the account (past or future). 

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