How to Assign an Agency to a New Account (Advertiser)

The most efficient way to assign an agency to an account (advertiser) is during the request account process 

  1. When Requesting the account, after you have entered the required information, scroll to the Agency option at the bottom 
  2. From the dropdown you can choose an existing agency or choose New Agency if you need to add an agency that is not currently listed 

How to Assign or Change an agency for an existing advertiser 

This can be done on the Account List Page

  1. Using the filters or Key word search bring up the account you need to assign or change the agency for 
  2. Scroll to the account in question and click on the small arrow (>) symbol to the left of the account name, to bring up some shortcuts 
  3. Use the Agency dropdown to assign an existing agency 
  4. Click Save 

NOTE : This will not associate any of the agency's contacts with that account. To do that, you must take one more step. Associate an  agency contact  with an account 

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