Listed below are the steps to add an account to your account list in Efficio 

Navigate to the Account List Page

Here you can add an account by : clicking on
1. Add Account tab at the top or
2. clicking on the '+' on the top right of the grid 

 Once you click on Add Account or the '+' , you can use a keyword to search for the account name. This is to make sure that the account does not already exist in Efficio

3.If there are multiple business units in your company and If the  Account  exists on one Business Unit but IS available on another  in your company, it will be listed here and you can click on ADD THIS ACCOUNT

4. If the account exist in Efficio, belongs to another AE BUT is in an account category that can be challenged (allow you to request your manager to approve the account) , You can click on CHALLENGE/ADD

5. If the account you are trying to add is not listed anywhere in the search results, proceed to click on ADD NEW ACCOUNT. 

6. Make sure the account name is listed exactly how you want it to appear on your list

7. Any fields with a red outline are REQUIRED and the request cannot go through unless this information is provided. Once all the information is added , click on ADD ACCOUNT at the bottom of the page 


  1. You can use the Business Unit check boxes to choose all or some of your Business Units 
  2. If any of the required fields are missed, once you click on add account, the page will bring you back to the top of the add account page. You MAY need to scroll to identify the required field that was missed.
  3. If you need to assign an Agency to the account, you CAN use the agency dropdown, to choose the agency before clicking on ADD Account.
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