AnalyticOwl is a Broadcast Attribution Platform that shows proof of ad campaign performance and helps advertisers and ad agencies optimize ad campaigns through creative and schedule metrics.

If you would like to view AnalyticOwl information for your Efficio accounts, here are the prerequisites:

  1. You must have an account with Analytic Owl.

  2. Your Login Email for AnalyticOwl must be listed in your Efficio Profile as your Efficio Login or as an additional email address.

  3. AnalyticOwl must be enabled in your Efficio. Please contact our Customer Success Team via the blue CHAT bubble if you would like to request it. If you are an AE, please ask a manager to make the request.

  4. General FYI: After it is enabled in Efficio, it will take roughly 48 hours for the information to show up.

Once enabled,

Steps in Efficio to view AnalyticOwl Information:

  1. Using the left navigation, go to the Account List Page.

  2. Click on the Column Selector Icon.

  3. Check the Box for Apps.

  4. You will now see the AnalyticOwl icon logo with any Efficio account that has AnalyticOwl information. Click on the Owl icon or click on the Efficio Account Name to go the the Account Summary to view your information.

  5. The AnalyticOwl information will display in a separate browser tab (see screenshot).

Note: The AnalyticOwl icon and information is only available for YOUR accounts. Managers and others with permissions may not be able to see your accounts' AnalyticOwl information. Managers can only see it if they have an AnalyticOwl account and have AE permissions as well as manager permissions in Efficio.

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