We have AE training every Monday and Friday at 2:00 pm ET, and a self paced module to be done between the two. The training is designed to be taken in order, however it does not have to be in the same week. As there is homework and the sessions build on each other, we recommend the new Seller having some accounts before taking the training. Click on the link you need below to join the training.

Reminder: If you only need the link for the financials sessions covered via the self paced training module, please send us a message here and we will send you that link.

Phase 1 : Overview and Account List

Will involve an overview of the system and the basics of logging in, system navigation and maintenance, requesting accounts, add/edit contacts, Strategic Account Management.

Phase 2 - Reports - Financials 

Brief review of Phase I including Q&A. Concentrate on reports including monthly billing, Y-Y comparisons, non-returning reports.

Phase 3 - Pendings/Forecasting

Concentration on entering and managing pending business and sales activity for the seller. Will also cover the calendar and activity management as well as the reports which impact these systems. 

**Please create your own calendar appointments for 2 pm ET Monday and Friday and paste these links into that.

**Remember: the middle training is self-paced and you will receive a link for that!

AE 1 - Overview of Home Page, Navigation tabs and account List page: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/1486651053

AE 3 - Pending, Activity Sync and Activities:  https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/1491356037

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