To add a new Team Member (Efficio User), you must have the User Admin security role. Managers and assistants are generally the only users who have this role. If you do not have this role but should be able to Edit Users, please reach out to a Manager or Assistant to have this role added to your profile. If you don't have this role, you will not be able to view the Add/Edit Team Member link or page.

Getting To the Add Team Member Page

Team Member Profile

Input all required information, as indicated by red asterisks. It’s a great idea to add phone numbers, since they will be displayed in the staff directory available in Efficio.

Local or National

  • Select “L” for users will be handling only local accounts
  • Select “N” for an NSM or national rep
  • Select all boxes, including P (Political) and R (Regional) for managers who need to see all financials.


  • Select Local Sales for a local seller, including an NSM
  • Select the appropriate office for national reps. 
  • If the appropriate national office isn’t in the list, you can add it under Edit Drop Down Lists.

Stations Tab

Know that sellers can only see their own financial information. When setting up a seller, check is a member for any station on which you want them to be able to see a master account list or to request accounts. When setting up a manager, check stations on which they will view financials, approve account requests, or want to be notified by email of account transfers.

  • Choose the user’s primary station.
  • Choose the stations for which a seller can requests accounts, and managers can approve accounts. Avoid giving AEs permission to approve peer AE accounts.

Roles Tab

The user roles are the permissions that allow users to see data, send out eMarketing, and so forth. For AEs, check off only those roles that have “AE” in the description. For managers and assistants that will be helping out with maintenance, check those roles with Admin and/or Manager. Financials Regional Manager - Be careful about this one, because it is only for a manager who is responsible for multiple markets, which is not common. 

Email Options Tab

This page allows you to opt this user out of Efficio Emails. Managers should have all Email Options checked. AEs don’t need to receive the Market Status Update. The email address should be the user’s active business email address, since it will be used for reminders and notifications.

Wrapping Up

  • Leave the defaults on the Advanced tab
  • Select Add User button. 
  • The user you just set up should receive an email within a few minutes with login information to access Efficio. If it's not received within 10 minutes, please ask them to check their Junk/Spam folder(s).
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