Syncing Into Efficio

  • If you are working in your outlook or Gmail calendar and would like to copy an activity into Efficio, Invite and the activity will automatically be imported into Efficio
  • If you are sending an email from your outlook or Gmail, add to the ‘cc’ and the email will be imported into Efficio.

Things to remember when copying or inviting Efficio Sync

  • If the contact email address that you are emailing or inviting is already in Efficio, (i.e. when adding the account, you entered this email address as part of the contact) the email will be saved as an activity for that contact. If the email address is not already entered as part of a contact in Efficio, you will see a heads up alert on your homepage saying “activities ready to import” here you can specify to Efficio which account the activity must be saved for. Here you will also have the option to add this contact to the account. It is recommended you do this, so future emails to and from this email address will be saved to the chosen account.
  • It is highly recommended that you add email addresses to your contacts in Efficio. This will allow for seamless syncing of your activities 

Need to import many activities from Outlook? 

Try the Bulk Import Tool. 

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