Activities from outlook to Efficio can only be synced using Internet Explorer 6 and above. The new Microsoft Edge browser cannot be used to sync between outlook and Efficio. 

On your homepage, use the navigation bar to go to activities and click on the Activity Sync Tab. From here you can bulk import/export activities from Outlook or Gmail into Efficio.

Add Efficio as a trusted site.

In Internet Explorer 

  • Select Tools 
  • Choose Internet Options from the Menu bar on the top left of this Internet Explorer window
  • Choose the Security tab

Enable Active X controls for Efficio

In Internet Explorer 

  • Choose Tools 
  • Select Internet Options from the Menu bar on the top left
  • Click the Security tab
  • Click the Custom Level button in the section below the Trusted Sites green checkmark
  • In the popup Custom Level window you will see a list of settings. Scroll down to the section for ActiveX controls and plug-ins. 
  • Find Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting and change the setting to Enable
  • Click OK

Note: Windows 10 Users

If you have recently upgraded to windows 10 or above, some security settings maybe preventing the sync function. To check this follow these steps: Security Warnings**:

Lookout for Warnings

If you see a warning that says: “Efficio wants to run an Add-On Warning” or Do you have a yellow warning bar at the top of this page?This may be a popup in newer versions or a solid yellow bar across the entire browser for older versions of IE. If you receive a yellow warning prompt at the top of the page or a popup you must click it and allow the add-on to run.

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