You may see a red alert under your Head’s Up that says Missing - New Revenue Cats. That happens when a new revenue category comes into Effico from traffic. The revenue needs to be mapped to the right budget category in order to show up to budget goals. . The dollars will not be included in your revenue until it is mapped to the correct budget category. NOTE: Not all users have the role to make changes on this page. 

To Resolve

  1. Select red alert to visit the Setup Revenue Categories page.
  2. Click on the number of the unmapped revenue category.
  3. It will display the new revenue category. 
  4. To resolve, check the box on the left-hand side that has the highlighted category in red, to recognize that this is a new category. 
  5. Select the budget category you want the order mapped to/associated with
  6. Check the box on the far right to INCLUDE this new category in your revenue totals, if it should be, or leave it blank if it is not to be included toward your sales goals. Things not included are often trade, talent fees, hard costs and tower rental, for example. 
  7. If you need to know the advertiser associated with this new unmapped revenue, you can check it first by checking the box on the far right that says INCLUDED and SAVE, leaving the box on the left unchecked so that you can come back to it easiiy.  You will then see the dollars/order associated with the new revenue category. Click on the dollar amount and see the client.order associated with those dollars.
  8. Once you determine that is where you want the revenue reported highlight the  Budget category in which you want it reported, you can then check the box on the far left and be sure to check the box on the far right that says included. And click on the SAVE CHANGES  You may use the Save to All Station button if your stations have the same or similar budget categories. This may not be the case if you have a Digital or Sports station broken out from your regular broadcast stations. 

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