Start your pendings from your account list! 

A new pending should preferably be entered from the Account List.
Click on the + sign in the unadjusted pending column for the account. 

Pending Popup

Enter the information as explained below for each of the boxes in the Add Pending Popup. You may have fewer boxes as your Efficio is customized for your stations and market. Be sure to make a choice in all boxes required. Note: You may choose more than one station if available to you, and more than one budget category. 

  1. Pending: This will always default to New Pending.
  2. Budget Category: Use the drop down to choose, one or multiple budget categories. 
  3. Stations: All your default stations will be included here, you have the option to use the drop down and choose specific stations if you own the account on that or those stations. Note: if you don't own the account on a particular station, and if  account is available for you to request on other stations, the Request for Additional Stations link can be used to request the account. Once the account is requested, you can continue to add pending for all the selected stations. 
  4. % Confidence: Use this dropdown to indicate your level of confidence in closing this business. This can be updated as you move through the sales process. 
  5. Time Period: use the drop downs to enter the time period for the pending ie, which months will have billing. Common Periods can be chosen using the Common Period link.        
  6. Package: The sales initiatives/promotions available to you to sell at your station may be listed here. This is customized by your Sales Management team. This will allow you to sort your pendings by a particular package or sales initiative. You can choose one that applies from the dropdown or allow to default to spot package if the proposal is primarily for spots/airtime. This will reflect the package that you pick in step 6. It often defaults to Spot Package. You may want to add more description here so you can keep track of your future pendings. Descriptions months, a year, copy title, or product. 
  7. Close Week: Use the dropdown to choose the week that you intend to close the business and get the order. This can also be updated throughout the sales process.  
  8. Stage: The stages of the sales funnel are listed in the dropdown, Choose the stage that is applicable to the pending at the current time. The stage can be updated throughout the sales process 
  9. Enter the dollar amount being proposed for each station and each budget category. If you are proposing the same dollar amount each month, copy first through last can be used. 

Adding A Folow-up Activity

Use the next section to Enter your Next step activities associated with this pending. This tool will help you stay organized and move the business through the sales funnel.  

  1. Choose the contact for this account. This is optional.  
  2. Date and Time will always default to current, adjusted as needed
  3. Choose Activity Type from the dropdown. Phone, emails, meeting may be some of the available choices, and your Sales Management team may have customized choices. 
  4. Enter details about the activity. You can copy an email, and add as much or as little detail as you wish, as this will stay with the account and you may want to refer to it in the future. 
  5. If you use a calendar other than the Efficio Calendar, you can choose this option to automatically send this activity to your external calendar.
  6. Once finished, choose SAVE. 

You can now see this on the pendings tab and the activity and total dollars for the pending will also be listed on the Account List page.

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